Italy, class 1994.
I’m naturally curious because life inspires me:
love architecture, fashion, photography, art, music and enjoying some good food, possibly with friends.

I grew up passionate about creating things, hence I decided to focus my academic background on imagination, creation, concepts, and reality.

I have completed my bachelor degree in architecture and design.
I was able to stimulate creativity, culture and growth and at the same time focusing on realistic designs during my degree.

I love travel, live and explore.

I’m even a globe-trotter; always searching the world for the next best shot of its beauty that gives a new perspective to what I see.


Photography and architecture are linked to my other big passion, which is fashion.

I believe that architecture and fashion are both identical.


Only the materials differ.

From concrete to velvet, from wood to wool.

I think even the fashion inhabits bodies; architecture dresses places.


I have a positive attitude to life, and work, and I believe it's a good philosophy to live by.


I love to built, not to destruct.

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